Why use a Vacation Rental?

We have all been there, planning to go on a holiday and booking the flight tickets. The booking of the travel is often done before even thinking about accommodation and choosing where to stay is one of the most important parts.

If you are going to be staying in a location which is unknown to you then it would be wise to be comfortable. Comfortable and within your budget is surely the best way and this is why I would ask the question; have you ever considered a vacation rental?

There are various advantages of a vacation rental over a traditional hotel, for one it is often cheaper! In Thailand, it is not uncommon to find a luxurious villa to be a similar price for a holiday for the whole family. A villa with a private swimming pool or a couple of rooms in a hotel with access to a communal pool which is often crowded. I know which one I would prefer!

Inside knowledge is also a major benefit of choosing a vacation rental. When checking into a hotel, you will often be asked for your passport and shown to your room. There is never really a personal touch. With a vacation rental, you get to meet the owner! Find out where they like to eat and where they like to go. Ask them for their insight, they are only too happy to help.

Price, location and knowledge are three great reasons why giving a vacation rental a go. Some people like to eat out every day of their holiday whilst others may like to relax a bit more with the option of cooking something in a kitchen, a vacation rental offers this.

Next time you go on holiday, check out the options. I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised. If you never try then you will never know but I for one will always look for a vacation rental if I am staying any length of time in one destination.

Roomfilla Properties provide a selection of vacation rentals in Thailand. If you are thinking about a place your next holiday. Please get in touch!

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