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Here comes the new Roomle App!

Millions of users around the world loved the first Roomle App because it made planning and furnishing easy and intuitive like never before. Now the next pleasant surprise is at hand: We have revised the hugely successful Roomle App, successfully bridging the gaps between planning, choosing, finding and buying furniture!

The new Roomle App comes with a brand new Look & Feel. Innovative features make planning and furnishing a total breeze. Download it now and access the new, hugely inspiring online furniture cataloge with excellent search support and buying options. Put the latest planning tool innovations on your mobile device and have the most beautiful furniture at your disposal. It is all yours — at the push of one button!

Download now!

Need a new Plan? Here is Your new Planner!

Draw clean outlines with your fingertips and create rooms true to scale. Change wall and floor colors with the touch of a button, and design plans that include furniture and decorative fixtures.

Discover the 3-D Furniture Catalog 
Find furniture to fit Your Room and Taste

The brand new 3-D catalog offers a huge and ever growing range of inspiring, trendy, elegant furniture. Enjoy excellent search support and innovative selecting, configuring and buying options to make every purchase a breeze! Check it out:

3-D online catalog with inspiring furniture for every room and taste.

Browse through the huge 3-D catalog, pick products and add them to your plan — or visualise virtual furniture in real rooms with the Roomle Augmented Reality tool.

Browse through the extensive 3D-catalog or view furniture with the Augmented Realty tool.

Furnish, Configure & Buy

Furniture can be inserted into a plan on a desktop and viewed via a link on the iPhone in AR. The piece of furniture is configurable and can be purchased at the push of a button. An already large and constantly growing network of affiliate partner shops in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK offers delivery to your doorstep.

Back to the desktop there is the possibility to continue working on new ideas. This is unique in the world of online furniture purchase. In addition, plans can be shared over social media with friends to receive input and suggestions. Plans are editable on all devices.

The 3-D live configurator.

Smart visualisation Tools & innovative Features

Inspiration and decision-making support are always appreciated, especially when they are always at hand on the mobile device in your pocket. The new Roomle App uses latest 3-D and Augmented Reality technology. Furniture and decorative items can be visualized live in 3-D, and finished plans can be reviewed in 3-D from all angles. With innovative online functions, Roomle supports purchasing decisions and gives a realistic idea what the new home will look like.

2-D views of your planned rooms — use Augmented Reality to view furniture in your room — or take a Walkthrough your room.
Access your room plan creations via all platforms.

Roomle Everywhere

Unique is the seamless transition from desktop to mobile device — and vice versa. The app provides the augmented reality functionality everywhere and allows working on all devices without data loss.

New Features make Roomle more enjoyable

The Roomle app makes planning and furnishing rooms easy and even entertaining. Everybody can use it intuitively, without prior training, to draw floor plans and choose furniture, to configure items to individual tastes, and to view the results in convincing 3-D and augmented reality.

The accesses are different, the functions for all the same — that makes Roomle unique. The most important premise is: working with Roomle is simple and understandable for everyone — and every idea is only a fingertip away.

Getting started with the Roomle App!

Read more about the all-new Roomle App in our Press Newsroom.

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