The new Roomle appearance

Roomle is on the Move

Loved by millions of users around the world. Appreciated for game-changing ideas by both furniture producers and retailers. Blazing a trail towards online furniture shopping, complete with 3-D and Virtual Reality assisted decision-making. This is Roomle.

Now Roomle checks off another milestone, achieving another leap in user experience quality across all platforms and consistent planning tool superiority on all desktop and mobile devices.

Celebrating a proud success story and a promising future, Roomle takes the occasion to also relaunch its brand design. We abandon the slightly static elegance of the original Roomle logo and move on to the playful, joyful, colorful mobility of a new design which really works on all digital platforms as well as on paper.

Roomle logo change

The new Roomle logo reflects ever-changing design thinking, multi-faceted creativity and the individuality of personal tastes. It also represents organized, structured planning and thinking, which is the original purpose served by all Roomle planning tools.

It wants to inspire and encourage you to take a fresh look at your home and workplace and to create environments you love to inhabit. It invites you to use Roomle tools to make planning and furnishing easy and intuitive like never before.

Welcome to New Roomle. Make yourself at home.

Read more about the launch of the New Roomle App.

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