brushed the bug off my calf

carried my shirt in my left hand

did as many pull-ups as I could

used the monkey bars

didn’t give in to hate

helped people

and on memorial day

i burned the remainder of my spice rack

burned the remainder of my expensive belgian pipe tobacco

running solves more than walking

and running is part of religion

and religion is human behavior

and psychology is religion

and physics is religion

and politics is religion

and parenting is religion

parents are the kings and queens of religion

tragic american constellations

smashing the sky

furnishing our minds

to their liking in preparation for

their voyage to infinity

our problem now

moral men create immoral societies again and again

i love this headband

these things really work

on a run, the road i take to the park

is cobbled with mouse bones

flattened toads

and cricket hieroglyphics

mashed up for all time

and for a hitching post

or mile marker of historical interest

a lump of whistle–pig naps in one lane

painstakingly staining the tar royal purple with red blood

and slime brain

the paths in the park

are kicked–in rainbows

bending at their knees

by the bull frog’s winter grave

he’s swaddled in pickled leaves

under a rose window depicting a fleet

of petals sailing for the mighty rivers

that lap at the capitol’s steps

and upon the marshes of the gods

who comfort their flocks

with their rods and their staffs