Things You Known when you tonsure or Shaved head.

  • This is first and most important thing that happen You don’t need to comb for at least two or three months.
  • For me The Same and old , For Others different and New me.
  • You place hands at least dozens times on head,Not for sensing new grown Hair,It for nothing or something.
  • You can new styles from beginning as you want.
  • It is little bit funny and little jealousy, You start making picturing of others with shaved heads.
  • Its good to known,Shaved head make look you younger,or may be not.
  • Others see You as ,The GOOD, or The BAD, or (mostly) The UGLY.
  • Others Want to touch you newly shaved head,like they tempt to touch a smooth surface.
  • Lastly,You know Materialistic Things are temporary.
  • Things makes you look Handsome are not infinite.
  • Tonsuring is the outward symbol of beginning life a new.
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