6 Features Designed to Keep You Safe When Sharing Your Hotel Room

Safety is Roost’s top priority. Here are the features we’ve built features to keep travelers safe.

By Roost · December 10, 2019

Roost helps travelers find compatible roommates to share hotel rooms and split costs. Sharing a hotel room with someone you never met before may sound like a crazy idea. But the more you think about it, from Uber, to Airbnb, to Turo, we share all sorts of things in modern life, so why not hotel rooms?

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Roost CEO and co-founder Samuel Tate says the first questions people ask him is almost always about safety.

“Having questions about safety makes perfect sense to me. You’re completely rational if the idea of sharing a hotel room with someone you’ve never met before makes you wonder about safety. At Roost, traveler safety is our top priority and we’ve built a lot of features designed to keep travelers safe.”

Here is a list of Roost’s safety features:

1. Identity verification

When you make an account Roost asks for a photo of your government-issued ID. This helps Roost verify your identity and complete their background check.

2. Background checks

When signing up for an account, Roost conducts a thorough background check and screens for potential users with a history of major criminal activity, including violent or sex crimes. Needless to any user with such a history is not allowed to use Roost.

3. Same-sex roommate option

Roost understands that who you share a room with is important to you. Roost lets you choose your ideal roommate and filter potential roommates by sex, age, rating, # of roommates, and more.

4. Peer ratings and reviews

For any potential roommate you can view ratings and reviews of them from past roommates. Roost continually monitors and evaluates all users to keep Roost a safe, comfortable, and fun travel experience.

5. Message your roommate

You are able to communicate with your roommate before, during, and after your trip. Roost recommends that before your trip starts you chat and go over any trip expectations.

6. On-site hotel roommate ID verification

When it’s time to check into your hotel, you are required to provide a valid government-issued ID that matches the name on your Roost profile. Your roommate must do the same. This ensures that your roommate is the person you’re expecting them to be.

While Roost has built many features designed to keep you safe, as always when traveling, travelers should use common sense, stay in control, and be aware of their surroundings. For more information about safety click here, or for tips on how to have a safe trip click here.

About Roost

Roost was founded in 2019 by Samuel Tate and Sharath Prabhal to help travelers quickly and safely find compatible roommates to share hotel rooms and split costs. Roost’s mission is to make traveling more affordable and to foster genuine friendships between travelers. Safety is paramount for Roost, with all Roosters verified through a background check and identity verification. Roost’s rating and review system helps keep users safe and ensure a fun travel experience. For more information, visit www.roostgo.com.

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