A New Marketing Podcast Exploring the Intersection of Outdoor and Travel

When it comes to marketing the outdoors, do you ever wonder what works for your peers — and what doesn’t? If you’re looking for ways to connect your brand to active travelers, join us for RootsRated Labs, the show for people like you who love outdoor travel so much it’s their job to market it. Presented by Toad&Co, the original Trail to Tavern brand, RootsRated Labs will be a biweekly podcast launching in fall 2016.

Your hosts? Mark McKnight, a former outdoor retailer-turned-co-founder and chief marketing officer of RootsRated, and Ana Connery, a former magazine editor and longtime travel writer. RootsRated Labs will bring together experts from both the outdoor and travel marketing world to discuss trends, research and ideas that actually work when marketing to a hard-to-reach audience.

They’ll be dishing on everything from what to do when your marketing efforts are too successful to how to attract more women and families to the great outdoors. One of the early shows will discuss ideas to inspire travelers to think beyond the obvious destinations.

Beginning in fall 2016, join us every other week to explore the intersection of travel and the outdoors. To sign up for notifications as well as free insight from the leading experts in outdoor travel marketing, subscribe to the RootsRated Labs email list at rootsrated.com/labs.

If you have show ideas or want your voice on a future podcast, leave us a voicemail at 423–521–5477, or record a voice memo and send it to labs@rootsrated.com. Don’t forget to include your contact information if you call in, so we know how to reach you if we have followup questions. We look forward to answering your toughest questions, and learning along with–and from–you.

Originally published at rootsrated.com.

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