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Toronto's Leading Eastern Medicine Mental Health & Lifestyle Specialist | Founder & Director of Roots to Sky Health & Guidance and The Inspired Living Studio.

Please refer to my first essay in the series, here.

PREFACE: I began writing this in summer 2020, then posted in a public draft on my website in January 2021, some of the research & links may be outdated (which probably will only serve this essay, rather than detract from it.) This final April 2021 version remains timely — and necessary.

To any of my colleague readers if you are reading this and feeling personally attacked — what I am addressing here is the dangerous trend and calling it out as such — and thus I am more scathing than I would be in person (that said, there are lines…

Despite the overwhelming and often contradictory views of weight loss (and all the conditions that come with it, listed in the title — collectively known as “metabolic syndrome”) — in my years of clinical research, the traditional Eastern medicine perspective remains the simplest, most logical, and most elegant way to explain the process of how to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way.

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Why? Quite simply — because the levels of obesity and unhealthy weight gain seen today didn’t exist even a mere century ago. Essentially all wholistic traditional medicines of the world inherently recognize that heavy body types…

Permanent Facepalm.

“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” ~Unknown

It’s too bad the “#woke” people who need to read this the most… Probably won’t.

(That said, I’m aware of its length —stay tuned for a bite-sized “tip” style version!)


I’d like to begin with transparency: If anything in this article or any of my online posts comes across as condescending/patronizing — I am doing my best to weed out these tones — but admit it is difficult. It is an incredibly stressful, even frustrating time, especially for us healthcare workers.

I am…

A Re-Evolution in Diet & Optimal Health…

How do we move into a new future of health & vitality… beyond being simply disease free — but also free from the often overlooked subtle states of chronic poor health that plague today’s world?

Roots to Sky believes that we must disidentify with the modern approach of hairsplitting our foods into counting isolated chemical components, and must instead zoom out to see the whole picture. And even further, to retrace our steps back to learn how we arrived to this backwards state of health in the first place.

What follows is both a spiral timeline and a step-by-step guide…

(Completely revised 01.31.20)

Do you experience low confidence or self-esteem? Does your life derail into seemingly unpredictable depression or anxiety? Do you often find yourself confused with life’s choices, or wanting to overcome the thoughts and fears that block you from the Inspired Life you know you are capable of living? Can you imagine your possibilities if you were to live without pain — either physical or emotional?

What makes Roots to Sky’s life coaching & guidance process different from other forms of counselling is the deep belief in the ultimate unity of the body and mind. From the ground…

I was recently asked (again) which apps & tips I have for getting my work done. I recently launched my personal blog, am building a clinic behind the scenes, manage my current clientele & accounting and numerous other top-secret projects, while still constantly researching & refining my health & Chinese medicine skills. So — I’m a good person to ask (I’m a bit of a mad-man). I typed up my response to him and figured this was a good opportunity to turn it into a blog once & for all.

There are numerous other versions of this scattered across my…

You practice stress,

Now practice Ease.

You practice rigidity,

Now practice Gentle, Flexible, Assertiveness.

You practice weakness,

Now practice Strength.

You practice distraction,

Now practice Focus.

You practice postponement,

Now practice Accomplishment.

You practice in and back,

Now practice Out and Forward.

You practice adjusting,

Now practice Letting Be.

You practice acting on impulse,

Now practice Patience & Prioritizing.

You practice racing,

Now practice Embodiment.

You practice focussing on what’s missing,

Now practice Gratitude for What Is.

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

In my previous blog, we discussed taking the smallest, sustainable steps when beginning to reclaim your life. This is all under the assumption that the dust has settled somewhat after a period of life upheaval. That said, it is of course possible to maintain a sense of stoic balance during these times — I only preface this by reminding you that if your depressions are still ongoing, your highest priority is to be gentle with yourself if (or more likely when) you slip off the horse of your goals.

Let’s begin the process of taking back your life —…

I was such an expert on bouncing back from adversity, all my tools ever in-place. But I suppose that confidence (perhaps overzealous-ness?), needs to be tested in order to be truly stable.

After losing both my grandparents (my Grampa died essentially the day after my Grandma’s funeral — for seemingly no other reason than he couldn’t go on without her), soon after I was hospitalized with a serious life-threatening infection needing months of recuperation… and then found myself face (heart) first into the ending of an 8 year relationship, I had found the closest thing to my absolute limits.


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