When Delhi met Mumbai in Rajasthan…

They say “If you want to know someone, travel with them.” And that’s what we did. You may wonder how we managed to work together without getting to know each other. Well, you don’t really know someone until you have seen them in their boxers!

After a lot of hustling, struggling and ‘jugaad’, we were finally able to get everyone together for Roposo’s first ever offsite. And believe me when I say this, legendary parties have happened before, every couple of months to be precise, but this one was on another level. Roposo Mumbai was in the house and we knew it was going to be one hell of a weekend.

Friday morning saw buses full of expectant faces. It’s funny how a lot of people reached on time even when they were asked to come to the office at 7 in the morning. The first day at The Treehouse Resort, Bhiwadi was all about Roposo. The founders, the interns and everyone in between discussed the direction in which we were heading, although, some of us could not help but wonder how far we have already come.

On the next day, it was a task gathering everyone in the morning and not all had survived the night! Many activities were planned for the day. Even the heat and the Sun could not deter any Roposer from running around and looking for clues. In a couple of hours, new friends were made, new skills were discovered and strong bonds were formed.

The offsite came to an end but the lessons we learnt will stay with us forever and will make us look at each other as friends and not just colleagues. We all came back as better team players, understood each other more than ever and had new experiences that we know we will cherish for a long, long time!

— Surabhi Rawat

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