South Florida’s Artistic Talent Shines

For once, the people behind the lens, like Juan, got to be the focus of an artexhibition

Recently, students from all over South Florida participated in the Congressional Art Competition held at Miami Senior High School. This competition is designed to further promote high school students’ interest in the arts and showcase the talent in our community. Students from all across the 27th Congressional district submitted works of art to be judged for originality, creativity, and use of medium.

Our district has an incredible amount of talented young students, and choosing a winner proved to be difficult.
Just one of the great works of art that were submitted for the competition

We had 42 entries from 40 high schools in our South Florida community. The quality of art was astounding to even an experienced art teacher who served on our panel of judges. From a pencil drawing of scenes from the French Revolution to water colors of the Greek coastline, almost every artistic medium was represented.

South Florida’s students made our task incredibly difficult. It is humbling to think of the talent in our community.
The artist, her parents, and our committee selecting The Flower Vines by Vanessa Salinas to be displayed in the Capitol

After much deliberation, our panel of judges chose The Flower Vines by Vanessa Salinas, a student at Champagnat Catholic School as the winner of the 2015 Congressional Art Competition from my district. Her work will be exhibited in our U.S. Capitol for one year for visitors from all over the world to admire and observe. Additionally, second and third place artistic renditions Little Girl by Juan Ospina and Pedro Pan by Rebecca Gonzalez, both of South Miami Senior High, were chosen and will have their art work displayed in my Washington, DC and Miami offices. Our students have demonstrated limitless artistic potential and talent and have shown that they, and the arts, have a bright future in South Florida.

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