DNA Evolve Got the First Place in Top 10 Nootropics For Biohacking Your Brain

20 February 2017 — Best Smart Drug Nootropics presented a comprehensive review of brain smart pills or top 10 nootropics for biohacking your brain. Nootropic drugs are supplements providing an activating effect on learning, improving alertness, memory and enhancing brain resistance to aggressive influences such as injuries, intoxication and hypoxia.

The main effects of drugs of this group are: psycho stimulant; sedative; anti asthenic (decrease feelings of weakness, flaccidity, effects of mental and physical fatigue); antidepressant; antiepileptic; actually nootropic (affecting disturbed higher cortical functions that exhibit improved thinking, speech, attention and so on); mnemonic (effects on learning and memory); adaptogenic (increase the body’s ability to resist the harmful effects of the environment); antiparkinsonian; vasovegetative (improvement of cerebral blood flow, which is manifested by decrease of headache and dizziness, as well as the elimination of other autonomic disorders); anti-dyskinetic; improving mental clarity and the level of wakefulness. These medications do not cause pharmacological dependence and psychomotor agitation, their reception does not determine the physical exhaustion of the organism.

At the basis of the action of this group of drugs, are such processes as: activation of plastic processes in the central nervous system by enhancing the synthesis of RNA and proteins; activation of energy processes in neurons; activation of the processes of transmission of nerve impulses in the central nervous system; optimization of recycling processes of polysaccharides, particularly glucose; inhibition of the formation of free radicals in the cells; reduction of oxygen need in nerve cells under conditions of hypoxia; membrane stabilizing effect (regulate the synthesis of proteins and phospholipids in nerve cells, stabilizing the structure of cell membranes). Nootropics activate the enzyme adenylate cyclase, increasing its concentration in the nerve cells. This substance is necessary to maintain the stability of production by the cell of main energy source for the biochemical and physiological processes.

In the review “Top 10 Nootropics For Biohacking Your Brain” are reviewed following medications: OptiMind, Lucidal, Neuroflexyn, Focus, Zynapse, Limitless Brain Pill, Oxiracetam, CILTEP, Brain Force and DNA Evolve. The first place and choice in the list got the nootropic DNA Evolve. This nutraceutical is featuring cognitive, dopamine and ascension support. The liquid contains 60 servings of organic botanicals and herbs combined with homeopathic elements and plant-derived stem cells. DNA Evolve includes elements of “m-state” gold, iridium, ruthenium, and silver. A bottle of 60 servings will cost at least $129.99, at its regular price.

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