#1 How did the Renaissance impact the use of scientific principles and technological advancement?

In my opinion, one of the most powerful impact that the Renaissance has created to the use scientific principles and technological advancement is that during that time people started to think and use scientific methods to build up a new type of technological machine that would help and assist them so that they would be able to improve their life and their working career and make it better than it is. For example, during that time they had build up a machine that helps them with farming.

#2 What impact did the use of science and technology during the Industrial Revolution have on society?

The impact that the use of science and technology during the Industrial Revolution have on society is that people started to changed and used the new type of machine that have been invented in their working field. During that time over the half of the world population works on farm, so I believe that this would create a big impact toward farming career. However, this had created both positive and negative impacts and effects. The positive impact would be the fact that people could buy the machine and use it in their farm because it would make things became easier and faster. On the other hand, if people starts to buy these new type of machine the people who use to be work on the farm would probably lost their job because the owner of the farm would by the new type of machine and use to work for them.

#3 What is Toeffler’s Third Wave theory and where do you think Thailand is in his suggested theory of change?

Toffler’s Third Wave theory is one of the most significant things that happen throughout the revolution of human history. I believe that it have been name Toffler’s Third Wave theory because this have made up from three different ideology throughout that period of time. Here are the meaning of each wave; The first wave was agricultural revolution, The second wave was the industrial revolution, and the third wave was the information age.

I think Thailand is in third wave of his suggested theory of change because right now working in Thailand have become more freely. In the past we usually have to do our work in the office but nowadays, we can possibly work at home or even in one of the coffee shop. Also, right now in Thailand women are now playing a big role in the work field. A lot of women have become more successful than men.

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