Please cite references for all those “murder” convictions your allude to that are (somehow…
Brian Ansorge

Hi class! I’m not going bother engaging Brian Ansorge, but I am going to use his post as an example of making an argument in bad faith.

Let’s start off with his very first statement:

Please cite references for all those “murder” convictions your allude to that are (somehow, according to you) subsequently “reclassified” as something *other* than murder.

Notice that he actually doesn’t address my post. Data is difficult to refute. But a single word… a single emotionally charged word! Now there’s something!

Notice that despite there being a link to an extensive study that provides all the information he is requesting here and instead of responding to objective data with objective data, he opts to employ an ad hominem (Appeal to ridicule). By framing the original post as an absurdity with no support (instead of actually addressing the study that answers his request), Brian exploits psychological anchoring (an actual cognitive bias) to give support his post that is otherwise absent.

Once he has established his spurious premise, he builds up with attacks that have no founding in anything I have stated and instead misconstrues my posts, because he is not talking to ME, he is talking to YOU, the reader. He doesn’t want you to look at the data (again, here) and use your own intelligence and draw your own conclusions. He wants you to buy on his narrative, despite being unable to support his argument with anything other than the nebulous “common sense”.

Brian Ansorge is not interested in having a debate. He’s interested in riling up readers. This is not an argument; this is pouring gasoline and lighting a match as a beacon for his yolk.

Sorry, but truly erudite and enlightened individuals expect and demand better.

Yes, demand better from your fellow Medium commenters, fam. Block people like Brian that refuse to engage in honest debate. You will not change their mind; they’ll just degrade your experience on Medium.