Flash Fic 05 — The dress spoke for her

image from nonalimmen.tumblr.com

“Give me the goblet and I’ll make you a glorious gown” the witch offered, a small pair of red eyes glittering under her limp hat.

The maiden paused, she knew how much the goblet had meant to her neighbour. She caressed the studded jewels with her thumb, contemplating her treason she had already committed. She went to speak but was interrupted by the witch clearing her croaky throat.

“How are you to get it back in its place? He knows it’s gone, what will your tale be?” the maiden knew the witch was right, a young girl of the noble getting her fingers filthy in theft. What would the town think of her and her family? She held the goblet close to her chest, her eyes frantically searching the ground, avoiding the witches’ wicked glare.

“You promise nothing bad will-

“Oh come, come now little girl, I mean no harm I just want my goblet back” the witch gestured her hand, a wrinkly grin stretching across her crooked face.

The maiden shoved the goblet into the witches hand, she hadn’t done it herself, it was as if her palms wanted rid of the troublesome cup. The witch snatched it hard and whipped it under her cloak, “now, as promised, spin for me dear” the witch encouraged, her hands waving in the air like twirling smoke. The maiden closed her eyes as a green aura surrounded the hem of her earthy dress and slithered up her sleeves, circling around her neck “what did you say dear?” the witch asked.

“Oh, nothing-

The maiden lost her breath, the growing smile on her face switched to shock. She couldn’t speak, her tongue was knotted, her vocal chords charred with soot. She panicked grasping at her neck and pulling faces, hoping some form of sound would come from it. “Oh, don’t worry about that dear, that pretty dress will speak for you” the witch smirked, she span swiftly and in a flurry of crow feathers she disappeared.

NOTE: I am taking the 100 Day Flash Fic challenge from eadeverell.com in which I write instinctively; no redrafts, no edits, no changes. Anyone can join, here goes!