Flash Fiction 01 — Time travel, a bookmark, the angel Gabriel

Image from travelandleisure.com

Gabe hated walking on foot. Contorting his frame to squeeze through the crowd strewn paths was not how he would spend his ideal afternoon. A festival of some sort was on, a celebration which many rejoiced in with plenty of handshakes, smiles and sharing of food. Gabe kept his head low and ushered around the joyous faces and plentiful market stalls. He was heading to the library when he noticed a white feather swirl above his head in the gentle breeze. It reminded him of his own, before he was clipped and kicked out of his own refuge, but he vowed he would return and be given admittance once he had completed his extensive tasks.

He pressed his fingertips against the heavy wooden door and entered the mass space of the library. The monumental structure was intimidating as it was dark and dusty. It was quiet now that the door had shut on the celebrators with the occasional squawk from the birds squatting in the rafters. The high angular arches and stone pillars echoed his paced steps across the worn marbled floor, reminding him of the sounds he made when we used to attend the prayer. He was searching for a particular book of history, something that could help him retrieve his only treasure; his sacred horn. Bestowed upon him with a weight of responsibility he always kept it near and hidden from others. That was until he was betrayed by one of his trusted companions, making a distraction and using Gabe as a cloak to hide behind whilst he endeavoured on his own sinister deeds. He was climbing the ladder to examine the higher shelves when he heard a scuffle across the empty space.

“Hello?” Gabe called out, he moved out from behind one of the book shelves to investigate when suddenly a hard thump hit the ground in front of him. It was a hard back leather bound book with gold detailing on the binding, Gabe swiftly flittered through the pages, hoping that this is what he needed –

Thump. Another book had fallen. Gabe left the one he was holding and headed towards the sound –

Thump. Thump. Thump

The books started to fall, loose pages danced to the ground whilst weights of knowledge rained down from the shelves. Gabe staggered back, not knowing whether to flee or find his treasure. Aisles were becoming impassable, books darting in each direction hitting him hard on his back. He tried to see through the flurry of titles but became disorientated of his own position, until he heard it. One significant blast from his beloved horn, it was calling out to him. He listened as intently as he could and followed its melodic plea, wading through the swamp of scriptures and writings he tried desperately to reach its whereabouts. The books continued to fall, striking Gabe relentlessly like a horde of pecking locusts, he scrambled for the book, clasping the text in his hand now neck deep in literatures. He forced his hand down into his back pocket and retrieved his tattered golden bookmark. With determination and a low grunt Gabe slithered his arm through the papery web and placed his bookmark in the open text. The book shut sharp and took Gabe with it.

NOTE: I am taking the 100 Day Flash Fic challenge from eadeverell.com in which I write instinctively; no redrafts, no edits, no changes. Anyone can join, here goes!