Jon Steinberg

When in Mexico Walt Disney was doubled in Spanish and we had the chance to watch him and his animations I though that everything was just staged…Watching my late Dad build his own Radio Station and the struggles he face everyday, aside be part of the TV evolution in Mexico where I lived mostly my adolescence in front and behind cameras, it was impossible for me consider a place where the things I saw on animation could become real…
However in passion to read biographies Walter Elias Disney, was one of the books I really love it, because though me #Perseverance and #Courage to fight for what he knew was his most precious and invaluable asset his name.
All his struggles where because people didn’t respect his name on his creations, till He stablished his name in all he did the dream became true…
I go as much as I can to all his parks, Resorts, and even there is not longer the standards that he had when he was alive neither the coherent dynamic to sync the stories with the themes in the parks, His energy is there, there is not time that I don’t enjoy to see the amazing diversity of people having fun, embracing, hot, cold and raining days in lines for a ride of 30 sec and getting along sharing what ever will make the wait more tolerable… That’s the #Greatest Americans can be…Love it .

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