Act 1… Dorm Registry

The first important thing I did as a college student, was go to Target. To which you’re probably like “Okay Rose. People go to Target all the time!” While that statement is true, people don’t normally go to Target the way I went to Target. I went to begin my dorm registry! And when I tell you that having the scanning power of adding things to your registry makes you feel like a new woman, I mean it.

Let me break it down for you: you either start your registry online or at the store. You sign up with your email, and then choose the type of registry you want; baby, wedding or college. If you’re doing your registry at home you can search through their database and easily add them to your registry, however if you’re doing it in the store your experience is a little different and way more fun. You go to the information/help desk and they give you a scanner! Which is really an iPhone with a special case on it, but it still functions the same. You then go around the store and scan items to add to your registry. I had tons of fun and if you know your local Target as well as I do, it’s way faster than searching each item and adding it to your registry. I was in registry heaven!

After adding only things I thought people would gift to me, I figured out using a registry is a great way to keep track of specific products I want to buy when I get to Nashville. It’s nice to have everything I could possibly need in one easily accessible place.

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