GoFundMe Isn’t Just A Hub For Millennial Entitlement
Megan Reynolds

I think everyone’s being a little harsh on the Spiritual Journey person! She has a YouTube channel, and is asking for anyone that feels her videos helped them to donate. I don’t see how this is really different from Patreon for Podcasters- she’s producing content and is asking people to voluntarily donate money if they feel her content is worthy.

I’m not into her stuff, but I do give a few bucks a month to a Podcast I really love. They are likely buying cat toys or drinks with the money, and I’m totally cool with that.

Some people are always looking for handouts… it’s very unfair to label it as a particularly Millennial idea (looking at you- older generations that are using up our planet and living in your affordable homes with your no-crazy-student-loan-payments and social security checks and medicare).

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