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This pussy wants all the cream…

“Drink up, kitty.”

I nod as best I can with his thick cock rammed all the way to the back of my throat. My eyes, framed by the mask, tell him, go ahead, I want it.

That’s all the encouragement he needs to tip him over the edge. …

photo: The Life Erotic

Clandestine cravings. Podcast written by Rose MyErotica, read by Lora Vestaloyne

You told me to meet you here at lunchtime, but I’ve waited nearly an hour now and there’s still no sign of you. I guess you’re tied up in a meeting somewhere… that’s the trouble with all this sneaking around, but there would be hell to pay if anyone saw us together. The frustration is unbearable, though. Since I woke up this morning, all I’ve been able to think about is your big cock sliding into my pussy, an intense physical craving that’s blotting out my ability to function.

Under my neat blouse and skirt I’m wearing sexy lace…

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My pussy respects no deadlines…

His cock flexes inside me and I miss the key I’m aiming for and type an unintelligible string of letters. Damn. Backspace. I take a deep breath and try again. This time he flexes his cock twice, a double beat of arousal sparking through me as my pussy involuntarily contracts around it in response.

I reach for the keyboard and miss it entirely as his hand slides inside my shirt and finds my nipple, pinching it in time with the next hard flex of his erection. I can feel wetness pooling around the root of his cock where it stretches…

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Her hips move with mine, so close I feel the plump pressure of her pussy like a kiss against my own. Each synchronous swivel and sway of our bodies fuels my mounting lust for her, tempting me to squeeze her perfect peach of an ass and grind my thigh against her mound of Venus until she’s leaving a wet trail on my skin.

Fiebre, que no descansa, y va bajando lentamente resbalando por mi espalda…

I’m choreographing a group salsa for a friend’s wedding, and I’ve drafted in one of my girlfriends, Cherry, to help me put it together. My…

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Torrid tales to inspire and arouse you

Spring has sprung, and the sap is rising. As Tennyson told us, “In the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love” — and from the sizzling erotic stories we’ve been publishing, it seems like sex is on everyone’s mind. We’re mindful that not everyone is able or willing to pay for Medium membership, so here’s a steamy selection of recent members-only stories that we’ve unlocked to give all you horny little devils a chance to read them.

From yours truly — that’s Rose MyErotica, for those of you who aren’t already familiar with my naughty confessions…

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“Do you like how I suck it, Coach?”

He tugs on my pigtails like reins as he fucks me from behind, forcefully enough to make a slapping sound as skin meets skin. I whoop and holler rambunctiously, giving him the full cheerleader experience; after all, he is giving me plenty to cheer about.

His dick is just the ideal size that he can ram as hard as he likes, which is pretty hard right now. …

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I love a good spanking. Does that make me a bad feminist?

Just imagine the slap of skin on skin, your firm hand connecting with my yielding ass cheek, the resounding crack ringing around the room. My gasp of surprised pain and pleasure. My withheld breath as I anticipate the next one.

Will you have me across your lap, squirming to feel your erection beneath me, even though I know such misbehavior will bring more punishment? Or will you make me bend over the table, so you can survey me coolly, panties around my ankles and my pussy bared to your penetrating gaze as you contemplate your next move?

Will it get…

photo: MetArt

Riding the waves on a Viking’s cock

The small boat rocks alarmingly as he thrusts his hard cock into me, but he just lets out a wild roar of laughter, unable to contain the sheer joyful freedom of fucking on the waves with the sea breeze whipping around us. I feel it too; the cool water lapping around my knees in the bottom of the boat, the scorching sun and stinging sea spray making me as giddy with pleasure as the rhythmic pounding I’m getting from this burly Viking conqueror.

It’s exhilarating, being naked under the sun with nobody but the birds and fishes to see us…

photo: SexArt

Quickie sex to jump-start the day. Podcast written by Rose MyErotica, read by Lora Vestaloyne

I’m pinning up my hair, about to get in the shower, when he comes up behind me and rests his erection against the cleft of my ass.

“Morning, baby,” he grins, his eyes meeting mine in the mirror. “Time for a quickie?”

“Always,” I smile back, leaning forward over the vanity so he can stroke the head of his cock up and down the groove of my pussy.

No time for foreplay, he spits on his fingers and swipes them over my hot slot and his cock, lubing me up enough that he can ease the head inside. With…

photo: SexArt

She drives me to the edge

She looks so pure, her kisses tender, her hands gentle. It’s hard to believe this is the same girl who had me handcuffed to the bed just a few hours ago.

She’s not my usual type — I like dark, androgynous girls, and she’s a sweet-as-apple-pie blonde — but I’m intrigued by the dark depths I’ve discovered beneath her cheerleader perkiness. It feels like she’s unleashing her inner demons when she fucks me.

And that’s what she does — she fucks me. We don’t make love, there’s none of the reciprocity that usually comes with sharing mutual pleasure. …

Rose MyErotica

Managing Editor at with a voracious appetite for erotic word games. Let’s play! Reach out to me at

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