To write horror, I try to scare myself, but to write erotica, I write until I am aroused. I’m so proud that vespertales, carameltales and himtales are all published in the resplendent, and affirming MyErotica edited by Rose MyErotica, Jaiden MyErotica and Krogman, which I would recommend to all sex positive — or even sex ambivalent — readers. Subscribe to it, even for a while, and it will change your ideas about what erotica is, and can be.
the making of …tales.
Christopher May

As a fellow writer I don’t often find myself lost for words, but reading this has made me feel quite overwhelmed with pride. One of the things I set out to do with MyErotica was find quality writers who transcended the genre (anybody can write erotica, but not many can write it well!). I find the work of Christopher May sublimely beautiful, challenging, inspiring and — yes — arousing too. It’s been an honor to publish it in MyErotica.

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