Goodbye 2017 and Hello 2018….

Dear 2017,

Goodbye and thank you. You were memorable. You saw me start a business (I loved invoicing!), shut down that business, commit to a new job, marriage, and a new home. You saw me laugh and cry. You saw me facing new challenges and you saw me fail at some of them. That’s ok, I got up and tried again. You ended on a quiet note. The last week of the year was spent doing well.. nothing. A quick trip to Sonoma with Bryan full of tastings (food and beverages) and quiet evenings with Netflix and books. I have nothing left to say but thank you. I am thankful for what you have brought me. I am thankful for the highs and the lows. You’ve made me better.

A few of my favorite memories from 2017…

Love you babe ❤️
I love my ladies 💃
My mom has been my rock forever. 👩‍👦

Dear 2018,

I have high hopes for you. I used to wonder every new year’s what the next year would bring? Will I fall in love next year? Will I move to Europe? Will I get a new job? Now, I know what I want. I have sown seeds in my life that I want to nurture and grow. I want to fall deeper in love and create a family and home with Bryan. I want to love my work and continue learning. I want to help and mentor a new generation of technologists. I want to be part of my friend’s lives as they go through changes from new jobs to new babies (Congrats Jackie) and whatever life brings.

My new year’s resolutions are simpler these days.

  • What are the habits in my life that I want to sustain?
  • What are the habits I want to stop?
  • What are the habits I want to create?


  • Health: eating salads for lunches at work and cooking dinners with Bryan.
  • Fitness: making time for my workouts at least 4x a week. (there are weeks I don’t make it, but I try really hard)
  • Life: appreciating the little things my friends and family do for me everyday like a quick text message to reach out or coffee in the morning.
  • Work: focusing on getting stuff done, learning, and mentorship.


  • Health: stress eating, busy weeks lead to bad food which leads to a downward spiral.
  • Fitness: skipping workouts, also a downward spiral.
  • Life: FOMO, focusing on what I don’t have vs being grateful for what I do have.


  • Fitness: a morning routine that’s sustainable and being more consistent with my workouts even with a busy schedule.
  • Life: A lot of big things in 2018 including a remodel of our new house and some challenging goals at work, I need to be able to thoughtful about how I use my mental and emotional energy. I also need to go on more adventures. Try new things and keep pushing myself to be creative even when life gets too busy.
  • Relationships: Don’t forget to spend quality time with friends. Learn to be kinder and more empathetic in all my relationships and communications.

Hello 2018, I look forward to getting to know you.

Love, Rose

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