Hello Friday

I am officially your Friday reminder that you can be whatever you want to be and you can do whatever you want to do. Only remember that “where your heart lies is where success awaits you...”

5 things I never thought I could do.

1. I never thought I could be a public speaker because growing up I was so timid.

2. I never thought I would be a writer because growing up my spellings where so bad (lol).

3. I never thought I could be a go to person for advice because growing up I was so dependent and couldn’t make decisions for myself.

4. I never thought at this age I would have travelled and explored places I viewed on pictures.

5. I never thought I could start up a blog and keep it running for 4 years with big projects at the sides (soon to be revealed)

Your abilities lie in the fact that you stretched beyond what you are comfortable with.
You can be
You can act
You can speak
You can go
You can......its all in your mind just reach out and start something.

"Share with us at least one thing you were amazed that you could do and bless someone reading"

Rosea Writes
love you

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