Yesterday I was at the office and I had little work to do so I picked up my laptop, searched for messages that would build me, looked for online books I had saved earlier and started diving in. The beauty is I made the most of the hours I had left at work.

The mind is very complex and very simple at the same time. (I'll explain) A complex mind takes everything into consideration and tries to go deeper than the usual (I mean everything) you ask someone today "How's life?" And you get the longest answer of a lifetime but for most people you get a just "Fine!" (That is because we are all unique in our way but also adding that we are not engaging our mind to know the present activities happening around you- most people are brain dead in the literal sense) Or probably you ask your girlfriend who is currently on her monthly cycle "Why she is crying?" And you get a simple reply "Nothing, I'll be fine" truthfully speaking you should try to make her feel good at that point because her mind goes round and round without settling on anything to voice out.

The woman uses more of her brain capacity than the man because she multitask and engages her brain in various activities whether good or bad at the same time (Take time to feed your mind constantly with the right books, TV shows, novels, soap opera's etc). Today build your mind with books that would teach a bit of something you've never read before, engage someone in a conversation and put your mind to work by doing series of research (I wouldn't know half of what I know about the mind if I didn't research hence the importance)

Let's get to work
Feed your mind daily with things that would push you beyond limit.