Mozilla Tamilnadu meetup 2017

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This blog is about the Mozilla Tamilnadu community meetup that took place on January 21st & 22nd, 2017. My sincere thanks to Mozilla Tamilnadu for giving me such an amazing opportunity to learn about so many cool stuffs and work together with the Mozilla community. Basically I’m an engineering student from KGiSL Institute of Technology and a Firefox student ambassador. I’m so glad to be a part of the Mozilla community.

Hello World ! It’s me Roselin :D

Day 1 :

Logo of Mozilla Tamilnadu

The official logo of Mozilla Tamilnadu was inaugurated by Mr. Ashok Bakthavachalam, managing director of KGiSL Institute of Technology. This Beautiful Logo was designed by Mr. Rohit, who designed it very creatively in which the Mozilla fox is dressed up in the traditional style of Tamilnadu.

Official Logo of Mozilla Tamilnadu
Mr. Ashok Bakthavachalam inaugurating the official logo of Mozilla Tamilnadu

Ice Breaking Session

Ice breaking sessions were conducted in the afternoon where team activities were carried out like designing posters, presentations etc. Creativity and presentation skills were brought out among the community members and it was quite an amazing experience with those wonderful people in the team.

Team activity during Ice breaking session

Community issues

The community issues faced among the community members were discussed in this meetup and steps were taken to solve them.

Views of the members over the community issues.

Day 2 :

Track and Track Leads

=> Rust

=> L10n

=> Addons

=> Web Compat

=> WebVR

Rust Programming team

Rust Track

Rust track is an enthusiastic team. our Track Leader Mr. Vigneshwer taught us how to work with Rust program. It was quite interesting and useful. That was the first time where I got exposure to learn Rust language.

Women in Mozilla (WoMoz)

Women In Mozilla (WoMoz)

It was very exciting to see women enthusiastically participate in different activities carried out in the Mozilla community. It is always good to be accompanied with the like minded people. Their curiosity level to learn the technical stuffs is infinity. Our main motive is to bring more women into the Mozilla community.


Laptop stickers, firefox badges and OS installing CD’s were given as compliments for all who participated in the Mozilla Tamilnadu 2017 meetup. Thanks to Mr. Kazheel who provided value added books to the community members.

Value added Books as compliment from Mr. Kazheel

Last but not least, a big thanks to the Factree solutions for sponsoring us these wonderful T- shirts with Mozilla Tamilnadu Logo in it

Mozilla Tamilnadu community :-)