The Benefits and Drawbacks Of Copper Gutters

Roselyn Bette
Dec 8, 2015 · 3 min read

Copper is the future of roofing and guttering — it doesn’t harm the environment, and has an exceptionally long lifespan.

So if you’re looking to replace your old drainage system, copper gutters may very well be the answer for you. But how can you know for sure? Keep reading! We’ve carried out an in-depth analysis which identifies all the benefits and drawbacks of this type of guttering. You’ll find all the details you need below…

They’re shiny.

The Benefits:

It’s Durable

Once copper has been outside for a long period of time it develops a special lining that protects it from rust, and other potentially harmful elements. This lining is called a . How will you know when this has occurred? Your guttering will appear to have turned a shade of green. Wondering how long will it take to form? On average between 15 and 20 years. However, you can purchase a solution that can be applied straightaway, which will have the same effect.

In fact, if you decide to have this type of guttering installed on your premises, it could remain there for well over 100 years due to its remarkable durability.

It’s Low Maintenance

Once it’s installed, you’ll barely have to touch your copper guttering.

Copper keeps both algae and fungi at bay. Because these types of growth are prevented, the number of blockages in your guttering will be significantly reduced. What’s more, the material is one of the easiest to perform repairs upon.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Furthermore, did you know that most guttering requires expansion joints due to expansion and contraction — the material that the drainage systems are made of either increase or decrease in size due to varying temperatures. One major advantage of copper guttering is that it can be fitted without these joints. Why? Because it has a low thermal co-efficient of expansion. Therefore, slight changes in its size won’t affect the overall stability and effectiveness of the guttering — no cracking or buckling will occur.

…And It Looks Great

The copper will fit in perfectly with any type of natural materials. This includes wood, stone, clay, and much more. As a result it will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property. And consequently, the value of your home will greatly increase.

Be aware that due to the nature of the material its colour will change over time. Ranging from a golden-brown to an earthy-brown. Of course, once twenty or so years have passed the shade will be affected by the aforementioned Verdigris Patina. And will permanently change to a green hue.

The Drawbacks:

It’s Expensive

You should expect to pay almost double the cost of most other types of guttering. Based on recent market trends the estimated cost of a metre of copper guttering would be between £35 and £40. Additionally, since its known to have a difficult installation process, you should be prepared to pay for professional help during this stage.

…And It Can Be Difficult To Install

It’s inadvisable to install the copper guttering yourself. Why? Because cuts or adjustments to joints may be necessary in order to complete the process. And you might not have specialist tools or expertise to get the job done properly. But don’t panic if this is the case — you can just hire an expert, .

Do the positives outweigh the negatives?

If so you should get the installation process started as soon as possible. Once it’s completed you’ll find that copper gutters not only work seamlessly, but make your home look spectacular too!


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