How the rock and roll generation can dance its way to a great old age

Rosemary Bointon
Oct 31, 2017 · 8 min read

The road to Bournemouth pier

Why can’t we still dance all night?

What’s top of the longevity pops?

Exactly how does dancing make you live longer?

1 Improves your posture

2 Strengthens muscles

3 Improves balance

4 Improves flexibility

5 Improves coordination

6 Helps protect against bone loss

7 May improve cardiovascular health

8 Possibly helps you lose weight

9 Requires the brain to coordinate steps to music

10 Improves concentration and focus

11 Improves memory

12 Increases the size of the hippocampus

13 Improves knowledge of physical activity and health

14 Lifts the mood

15 Social contact

16 Alleviates loneliness

17 Physical touch

18 Self-confidence

Quiz: How many song titles did you spot in the text? Titles and the answer below

Rosemary Bointon

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Working out what we can do now to live longer, in better health and have more fun and adventures along the way

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