The Woman

More about her

The more I think about her,

The more I know.

She’s not that special or so called ultimate woman.

But in some way, stuck in my head.

The kind of person that typically appeared in your sweet dream at cold night.

I don’t really understand.

How can someone I never know can become my muse?

Someone I’m not even know, bizzare, huh?

Maybe life way can be that way.

The universe give me a little peek about my future.

Just a little glimpse, not enough to make me know who she is.

I always thought human lived in the series of room.

We opened each door, one by one, everyday.

Maybe one day, we’re gonna be in a same room.

Someday we’re gonna introduce ourselves, shaking our hands, and some small talks.

I’ll ask her out, maybe having dinner.

Ya, just all kind of crap.

But I’m looking forward to it,

The universe can be funny sometimes.

You know it, right?

In the meantime, can you just disappear from my head?

Please, Woman.