100 days of uncomfortable things — day 1 — An hour of meditation

Given that when I occasionally sit down to meditate for 10 minutes I suddenly find myself doing strange things like staring at the ground, stretching and rocking forwards and backwards (don’t ask), 60 minutes seemed like quite a lot.

I decided to join a meditation group for one of their sessions. Being surrounded by people for whom an hour of meditation is an everyday occurrence lessens the strong temptation to get up and do virtually anything else.

If you want to have the most random and unhelpful thoughts possible, meditation is the best thing you can do. I realised that I had eaten, among other things, three bananas over the course of the day. I think I spent a good part of the hour feeling that my stomach was really full. Riveting stuff, I know.

And yet, I survived. When the bell rang I was a tiny bit surprised that an hour had gone by. 60 minutes of meditation — check!