100 days of uncomfortable things — day 39 — Avoid people-pleasing

The more you act to please others (something I notice myself doing), the greater the sense of emptiness that accompanies any resulting acknowledgement or approval that comes your way.

Today I began to write an email just because that I felt that I should write it. Then I realised my heart just wasn’t in it and it wasn’t necessary, so I stopped.

No matter how difficult and painful it may seem, nothing feels as good to the soul as truth.
— Martha Beck

Those are deep words, right there.

Nothing feels as good to the soul as truth.

I typed out that quote because it makes this article seem more wise — I must admit this, given I’m writing about honesty.

But I also typed out that quote because it resonates. We all have some sense of what a lie, even a small, seemingly insignificant lie, feels like in our bodies — it’s not a peaceful feeling.

Being truthful, as often as you can, feels a whole lot better.