100 days of uncomfortable things — day 66 — Seed-sprouting

Even when you’re really busy you can squeeze in a little something new into each day.

Today’s act was not uncomfortable at all. It simply involved taking a few seconds to soak some seeds I’d never tried before so that they would sprout and become healthy food. In other words, it was prep for a meal worthy of a hipster millenial.

Jokes aside though, many of us are lucky to have access to more than enough information and resources about how to eat well. We have the opportunity to experiment with interesting new things to eat, instead of sticking solely to the dishes we grew up with.

When you’re willing to try foods that are unfamiliar to your palate, you may end up finding some that make your body feel energised and vital.

I think that’s worth the fun that others will make of your dietary fads!

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