100 days of uncomfortable things — day 84 — Ask for forgiveness

When asking for forgiveness feels uncomfortable, I know that probably means it’s something I need to do.

When you face the fact that you’ve hurt someone and sincerely apologise or, if possible, take action to remedy your error, a weight lifts from your shoulders (at least slightly).

It doesn’t end there, though.

Next, you do your best to learn from the mistake.

You may also want to consider something that is often overlooked: forgiving yourself.

This is not a license to carelessly repeat what you’ve done.

It’s taking the understanding that you would normally offer to someone else and pouring a little back onto yourself, with a reminder that you are a human being, just like everyone around you.

And that there will be times when you snap in irritation or let cynicism get the better of you or forget something important.

We have the mistaken belief that turning our anger inwards and calling ourselves idiots for letting these things happen will prevent them for happening again.

Often, this attitude has exactly the reverse effect.

If, instead, you are patient with yourself when you make mistakes, you free up the mental space and personal power that will help you to make them less often.

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