100 days of uncomfortable things — day 98 — Take a chance

You’re on the waitlist for a class and may not get a space.

The excessively long application for the job you really want will take you days to do properly and you have no idea if you’ll get it.

The project you’re considering could teach you plenty but it could also be a drag.

And yet you go for it anyway.

Not having a guaranteed outcome is uncomfortable. It’s also a reality to be faced every single day.

When does anything have a guaranteed outcome, really?

The saying you can learn from anything that happens is more than just a comforting phrase.

The truth is, you can learn from your own reactions to events about what you truly value and how to manage your emotions. You can learn by observing other people’s behaviour, habits and strategies. When you really pay attention, you may learn things that surprise you or that unexpectedly come of help later on.

Staying curious rather than attached to one outcome frees you up to take more chances — and good things can happen when you do this.

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