5 Tips For Affiliate Marketing On Your Blog

One type of marketing people under-utilize and take for granted is affiliate marketing. Most affiliate marketers only get a few dollars from their efforts which isn’t enough to generate a full-time income. After analyzing other affiliate marketers who make six-figure incomes from promoting other people’s products, I came up with five tips for affiliate marketing that you need to implement in your blogging strategy.

#1: Search For The Higher Commissions

The successful affiliate marketers I analyzed like to promote other people’s training courses and products to get a higher commission. Some people who create training courses will give affiliates 50% of the commission each time a customer buys the training course through the affiliate link. Plenty of training courses get sold for $100 which means you would make $50 per affiliate sale. Udemy offers an excellent affiliate program where you get to make about half of the profit per sale…by promoting training courses that you did not create. It is practically impossible to find a reasonably priced product that you could make $50 per sale through the Amazon Associates program. Udemy currently uses LinkShare for its affiliate program.

#2: Only Promote Products Related To Your Niche

When you promote other people’s products, you must only promote products related to your niche. If you promote too many products that are too different from each other, your visitors won’t understand the meaning of your brand. When it comes to affiliate marketing, it is better to offer specific products than a wide range of products. A brand that is not specific has a vague meaning. Getting specific allows you to develop a clearer identity for your brand and offer more products that your visitors are more likely to buy. You may wonder if you could possibly find affiliate links of enough of your products if you get really specific, but in reality, there are thousands of products (if not millions) that you could promote as affiliate links. Running out of products to promote won’t be a problem that you come across. If you do come across that problem, then you need to use more affiliate platforms. You could also start creating products to fill in the gap.

5 Tips For Affiliate Marketing On Your Blog


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