A Beginner’s Guide to Email List Segmentation

One of the best compliments you can get from someone in your audience after you publish something is this:

“I felt like you created this just for me.”

If this is the type of feedback you’re getting from your content — awesome job! You understand your audience, you hit a “trigger point” that connects on an emotional level, and you’re likely to have that person follow through on your call-to-action.

When it comes to email marketing, however, generating this type of response from the majority of your list can be a huge challenge. Because email is so personal, it’s difficult to share a message that’s universal to your entire audience. Not only that, you’re delivering a personal message directly into their inbox that comes across more urgent, as opposed to a post or podcast episode that people can choose to consume on their own time.

If your email seems out of place, you risk unsubscribes or long-term inactive emails from those who just aren’t “feelin’ it.”

In an auto-responder email series, this is even more dangerous. Auto-responder emails are pre-written emails that are sent to individuals sequentially over time after they subscribe. The danger here is that because you set it up to be automatic, you’re more likely to forget about it.

I get it, though. That’s why you have an auto-responder series in the first place — to set up something once for automation down the road. However, all it takes is one email that doesn’t align with a subscriber to convince someone “this is not for me anymore,” and lead them to click unsubscribe.

And how many emails are we supposed to have in our auto-responder series?

I had 35 at one point, and based on what Steve Chou (SPI Podcast Session #143) and Dan Faggella (Session #159) said, the longer the email sequence, the better.

So, how do we solve the dilemma of sending more targeted emails to every subscriber on our list?

We segment our lists into groups, and write emails that actually matter to those groups.


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