It’s my first People Story…

I went to Ray road station its at harbour line , Mumbai. After I get down from train I show a older man seating in corner and finishing his cigarette. After he done with smoking he get back to work to clean the railway station .i have to go Darukhana and I just want to ask the address . I walked towards him. I asked the address & he told me a proper one and he got back to his work, i walked away but was so curious about this guy that i had to go back and ask…

“Can i, speak to you for few minutes? ” he said “yes, why not” and smiled. I started to talk with him and we spent almost 30 minutes talking, he started to tell me about his life’s journey. The Journey goes like this…

His name is KhimjiBhai Dayabhai Baghela.

This young guy is just 68 years old, healthy and fit tip to top, he is from Gujarat -Anand nagar near by Baroda. Working in Railways cleaning departments since last 1981, his first 10 years he got 150 Rupees as salary. He has two children, one is married and the second one is studying. His wife passed away last year.

Now he stays alone

He is very happy to tell me a super heroic story, where this guy was the real hero. Mr. Baghela saved the Minimax Railway compartments from a outbursting Fire few years ago.

And also had saved lots of people from railway accidents.

I surprised to know that this guy has seen, many people loose their life, in railway accidents.

When I asked “do you have any friend ?” then he started to laugh and answered Yes! Mohammad Bhai his best friend , So Mohammad bhai also an interesting man as the story i listen about him goes like this..

He is older than Mr. Baghela and he worked from the British time. And that time use to get paid Chaar Aana per day. He hustled.

Mr. Baghela called him Estim engeen(Steam Engine) because he was the older generation. Mohammad Bhai and Baghela worked together from last 25 Years.

And I asked him where is Mohammad Bhai ? He smiled a little and told me he passed away 2 years back. He was proud to say that he lived more than 90 years. He told me about how they hustled and all that memories . He became quiet for some time and lived the nostalgia. I Met a great man today knowing a small part of the beauty of life, i started to walk, then he smiled and said “fir milenge“! as we say in India.

(Meet you soon) — Fir milenge

I smiled and moved for next location…