Don’t get a job, create a job

Love this! Having worked for many years in many different roles up and down the country- from manager of a boutique hotel, to fishing and working on a 1950’s style (read bloody hard work with no modern machinery) asparagus and potato farm: I want to do my own thing. I am very well aware of my own flaws- speaking before I think (working on that one!), internal panic at not being able to be up-to-par and wanting things done my way. But what I really want is to be my own boss or have a boss who really appreciates me and encourages creative thinking. I want to work in a team who see’s solutions to challenges and not “problems”, be that “problem children”, “problem situations”, or “insurmountable problems”. The best way I can see of doing this is creating my own business working with schools, museums, groups, festivals, creating a working environment where people are sad to go home because work is so much fun.