Proposal for cyanotype workshop in Hong Kong @ Anfield Kindergarten

Cyanotypes are one of the oldest photographic practises, the process involves creating a photogram using the sun’s rays to create beautiful Prussian blue prints. I have run a series of workshops in Devon creating work with different groups of children which is being exhibited at Plymouth University in February this year. Principal Denise has asked me to create a set of curtains for Anfield’s music room. As I will be visiting Hong Kong over Chinese New Year I feel that this topical festival will be the perfect basis for the children’s work. A key stage/class of your choice will be asked to produce pictures which we will then scan and print onto assertate. To produce the best results with this the children will create work experimenting with mediums that are transparent (the assertate), opaque, and translucent, as well as understanding the terms. I would suggest that the children create pictures from a mixture of drawing and mixed mediums to create a final piece which is both multi layered and textured. I will then bring to the school the sensitised curtains which will be laid out in the sun and the children can place their assertates onto the fabric- we will need to do this in the morning so the cyanotypes can have a longer exposure time. As the fabric exposes it turns from a light green to a dusky, dark blue- this is a process that the children may want to check on and document throughout the day. After a few hours of exposure to the sun I will develop then wash the fabric in big buckets, before hanging them out to dry: this is something that I will need an adults help with. The curtains will be ready to hang in the music room within 48 hours of the workshop. I will need to be told the dimensions of the curtains, which will need to be pure cotton for the best (most vivid, longest lasting, and quickest to expose) results. The curtains will eventually fade with washing but for the best results they can be washed (when necessary) in a hand wash soap that does not contain any phosphates, bleach or sodium. I will document the entire workshop and I will spend the day after the workshop creating a board to display the process and the children’s hard work.

Response from the owner of the schools:

Excellent & exciting!

I am sure our children in KT & the Primary will learn a lot from Rosie. Sometime money can’t buy this kind of learning experiences. Many thanks to you & Rosie for giving this opportunity to Anfield children.


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