Proposal for Workshop in Hong Kong @ Anfield Primary School

Proposal for Camera Lucidia workshop at Anfield Primary School

In Ancient Greece the philosopher Aristotle made the first known recording of a Camera Obscura when, during a partial eclipse, sun light passed through a small hole, projecting an image on a wall. The principle was adopted by artists of the 1800’s, including Vemeer, in a drawing aid called a Camera Lucidia. The Camera Lucidia allows artists to sketch over a projected image creating the basis for pictures with perfect perspective. I intend to combine the two principles in a project in which the whole school can have an involvement, or a small group can work on, in a more involved way.

I will need to work in a room which has a singular directional light source- windows on one wall. The view out of these windows will need to have points of interest. I will then hang the black-out blinds until the room is in complete darkness before creating an aperture which the view from outside the window will project through. The image projected will be upside down and back-to-front, if the room used is on the ground floor then some of the class can go and play outside the room- creating moving images. At this point I will use visual aids to show the children how the human eye works- in exactly the same way as the Camera Obscura — with our brains correcting how the image looks (flipping and reversing it). A large canvas will be placed in line of the projected image and each child will use a pencil to draw a section of the scene. The canvas produced will provide a lasting artefact of the workshop. I will document the entire workshop and produce a board and a short film for the school, showing the children’s work and their learning journey.


Black out blinds/fabric to cover light source

Gaffer tape

Large canvass

Artists pencils (range of colours)


Camera Lucidia

Camera Obscura

Anatomy of the eye



Optic Nerve

Response from the owner of the schools:

Excellent & exciting!

I am sure our children in KT & the Primary will learn a lot from Rosie. Sometimes money can’t buy this kind of learning experiences. Many thanks to you & Rosie for giving this opportunity to Anfield children.


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