June 2017 Birchbox

Hello everyone!

This months Birchbox was actually a BirchBAG! I was able to choose which colour bag I wanted, so I chose purple and fresh mint. It’s so gorgeous! Birchbox said that they were inspired by Brighton Beaches seaside huts, these bags are so cute!

The choices for Junes birchbag.

In Junes Birchbag you get a 15% off voucher from Trouva. Trouva is an online store full of quite unique ideas. I have bought from Trouva before so I’m happy that I have a voucher!

MeechNMia Brow liner. Full size.

The first item in this BirchBAG is MeechNMia Brow liner. I got mine in #21 which is the lightest shade. Mine came with a lid, but I’ve seen other reviews on Birchbox where people have been complaining as they didn’t. I don’t usually use brow pencils, I much prefer using a brow creme/gel, so I think the application for me is a lot harder. The pencil gives a lot of pigment and it seems as though you dont need to push very hard either which is very nice. Its sold at £12.99 which to be honest isn’t too bad! I feel this would be great if you have sparse brows.

Arrow- Enhance waterproof eyeliner in Bright Now.

In the bag this month, I only got the pink end. I didn’t get the black end too. Whether that would be because if they sent out the black end too then it would have made it a full size product…but I LOVE this product! It glides on so so well. The colour on my skin works very well but thats because I am so white…This wouldn’t work as well if you had darker skin. I apply this to my waterline because it makes my eyes look bigger and more awake. When reading up about this product, it says that you can apply this to your outer lid too but I don’t because I wear a lot of eyemakeup, so it would cover it. This product is vegan and cruelty-free with no parabens too! It’s sold at £12 which is really good as you will get the black end too! If the black end glides on as well as the pink side this will definitely be purchased in the future!

Cowshed-Cow pat hand cream

So, in the leaflet that Birchbox send you every month, it explains what each product does and a useful tip for you. For this product, the picture is different to the one I have here. There is no smaller version of this on the Birchbox site so I don’t know whether you can actually buy it the smaller size (50ml not 300ml). So the price of the version that is pictured here is £18 but if anyone can find the smaller version then it will cost £8. This lotion has rejuvenating oils in, like Grapefruit to uplift and coriander to soothe. This hand cream stinks. It smells SO BAD until you’ve had it on for about 10 minutes. I’m not a fan of the smell at all! It’s a very harsh smell for a handcream. It does leave my hands incredibly soft however. I just wish it smelt a lot nicer. Because of the smell, I won’t be buying this again.

Korres- Milk Protein 3 in 1 Cleansing Emulsion

THIS IS THE WORST PRODUCT EVER IF YOU WEAR A LOT OF MAKEUP. I did not get on with this product at all! For someone who wears matte foundation and then a lot of makeup on top, this cleansing emulsion just made my makeup into a paste. It was so incredibly hard to wipe off…with tissues and then water. It stung my eyes so much and glued them shut when it attatched to my mascara. It created such a big mess upon my face and took so much scrubbing and pulling at my skin to get the remainders off. I used 3 quarters of this sample which is so bad for just one time. It sells at £15. I would only recommend this to those of you who hardly wear any makeup. Not for those like me that wears 3 inch thick makeup :D Definitely going to stick with Garnier’s Micellar water!

Scrub Love — Coconut and Mango body scrub.

This product is full of 100% natural product! The one I got is the one pictured, however if you search SCRUB LOVE on the Birchbox website, you will see how many different variations of this you can buy. This one here is for normal to dry skin, which is so perfect for me. The coconut flakes in it exfoliates your skin and then mango helps soothe it. In the Birchbox leaflet, they say to apply this when you are already in the bath or shower because it makes things messyyyyyy. These sell at £12.95.

SO…I tried the Scrub Love body scrub after I wrote the paragraph above. I really dislike mango. I hate the taste, I hate the smell…so of course having mentioned a few times that its a MANGO scrub, you would have thought I would have realised its MANGO…#tooblondeformyowngood. Don’t get me wrong the product itself made my skin so soft! The natural coconut used for exfoliating was really nice and the mango DID make my skin feel amazing the second that I washed off all the bits. Also it’s currently 2 days since I did this and my skin is still so smooth and soft! I would want to try another Scrub Love product (not mango this time haha!) And luckily they do have quite a few different ones.

As mentioned above, it does get VERY messy! I used this first while in the shower and it worked its way all round the shower and up the shower walls! I would recommend you use this product in the shower as if used in the bath, the exfoliating pieces of this product is just swimming around you and for someone (like me) who is really funny with textures, this wasn’t ideal.

So, there we have it! June 2017’s BirchBAG! What did you get in your birchbag and what was your favourite item?

Have a lovely week! See you soon!

Love Rosie! xxx