Preparing for my weightloss.

Hello everyone!

This summer holiday, I want to lose all the weight that I have put on since being at Uni. I stress eat like theres no tomorrow and because Uni is stressful I’ve gained on the pounds.

To start me off, I bought some new gymwear. I love H&M, their clothes are so comfortable and the price is so reasonable. For the trousers, I bought these:

They are incredibly stretchy and feel really nice and lightweight.

I was a bit concerned about how the womens tops looked on me, so I decided to buy a large mens top. Bad idea. As its gymwear material (WHY ARE THEY ALWAYS SKIN TIGHT!!???) it sticks to my boobs and my tummy but on the back and shoulders its so baggy *cries silently* Also being a mens cut shirt, it looks very odd on me as my boobies are on the larger size…When the weightloss goes ahead, hopefully it’ll start to look less odd! For now, I’ll just wear baggy normal material tops :)

The next thing I wanted was a fitbit. I LOVE looking at progress in organised charts, all colourful and laid out so nicely. I feel like I don’t sleep very well so I wanted it to be able to track my sleep and heart rate. I work at Boots so I was able to save a bit of money through discount by getting the Charge 2 model. I love it! I got it in black and have used it everyday since I got it in mid-April.

I got the Fitbit in Large because apparently the small was REALLY small, however I wear the large on the furthest hole you can! So I should have gotten a small…DOH! But it still fits and does what it’s meant to so it doesn’t bother me too much.

Gym memberships can be so expensive and I was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to afford it. The normal price of a gym membership is normally between £40-£50 a month but with student discount it dropped to £32! Classes, Sauna, Swimming and Gym are all included in that price! It normally costs close to £5 if you just use the gym without a membership ( pay as you go type thing) so if you’re planning to go three times a week it would cost £15 and then £60 a month! Saving £28 a month is amazing and hopefully the results will follow!

I hope you follow me on my fitness journey and hopefully it’ll motivate any of you who are trying to get fitter too!

Have a lovely week!

Love Rosie xxx