The best year ever.

On the 5th December 2015, I went to Reading. Back then I didn’t realise that it would be the start of such a lovely, amazing relationship. Adam cooked a yummy pasta meal for main. It had chicken, bacon, yellow peppers, onion and a white sauce. (see picture below)For dessert we had Eton Mess which was delicious! :) Throughout the night we were playing this really difficult puzzle game on the xbox, when we had had enough of racking our brains for the answers, we watched Modern Family. At that point, I had never seen that TV show before. I had it confused with the show Outnumbered and was adamant that I didn’t want to watch it. Although we whizzed through a lot of episodes that night and it is my favourite-still-running TV show. It was such a lovely weekend, being in Reading. Whenever I look back, I always end up having a massive grin on my face, like the chesire cat.

Our recreation of it (One year later)

We had our first year anniversary yesterday (5th Dec 16). When I woke up this morning, I felt like I wanted to document stages of our relationship, or at least have a sort of timeline to look back on this time next year and see what else we have done :)

November 26th 2015.

Adam and I were in the same class at University for our Foundation year (Film and Photography). For one of our projects, I had to photograph Adam and another person to create a visual image storyline. Adam and I spent quite a few minutes away from the group so I could get photos of just him. At this point we had been texting for just over a week, so conversation seemed to flow pretty well when talking face to face. At the end of shooting on the both days we were working, Adam gave me a hug to say goodbye. I walked back to my room with THE BIGGEST SMILE across my face, I actually cancelled plans with friends because I was on cloud 9 for a couple of hours afterwards haha!

As I mentioned above, I went to Reading on the 5th December 2015. I was invited two days after the image taken of Adam in the car. I stayed in Reading with Adam on the Saturday night and Sunday night. When I got back in Farnham we started speaking again and both agreed that we both wanted this to be the start of a relationship.

10th December 2015

(excuse the fact I have no lipstick on in the image above) The 10th December was the CHRISTMAS PARTY at Uni. I invited Adam to join me and this was the day when most of our class found out we were together as they were at the party too. Before we got to the SU we had nearly finished a bottle of Southern Comfort already :) That night was very good, but having two people sleep on a single bed wasn’t great fun. Adam has just recently told me that some other nights that he stayed, he was considering going home during the night because he just couldn’t sleep. Bless him! :)

29th December 2015

I came back to Reading after Christmas, and we went out on a date. I also met both his Mum and Dad and their partners that weekend too. I warned Adam in the car to stop me being “too Rosie” as I waffle a lot and I also get really awkward and start speaking rubbish. Not a great first impression ;)

15th January 2016

I had a really nasty cold but we went on a walk behind Adams Nan’s house which is the biggest hill I have ever seen ;)

26th January 2016

WE BOUGHT ANIMAL ONESIES :D What a day to be alive!! We still wear them, especially now that its winter. Our housemates were quite stunned both years (in the student halls and the house we now live in) when they walked into the kitchen and saw us in these. I CAN BE A PENGUIN!!!

14th February 2016

Our first Valentines day together and our first Valentines day with someone :) It was such a lovely romantic weekend.

28th February 2016

Adam met my Dad and brother Luke in London. By this time Adam had already met my Mum, Nan and Grandad as they came to Farnham and took us out for a meal previously. Both of us were nervous to meet Dad. As a daughter, bringing your boyfriend to meet your Dad is terrifying. Even though I had nothing to be worried about because Adam is a great guy and I knew my Dad wouldn’t think anything bad of him, there isn’t a reason to!

31st March 2016

Adam finally came to Hastings! We went on a really nice walk and he met my bestie Rachel too :) I took this panorama on the Fire Hills in Hastings/Fairlight. Adam moved his phone which is why the image is distorted but I love the image because of that :) Adam met the rest of my mums side of the family too when we went to my Aunties to celebrate my Mums birthday.

Our 6 month Anniversary (5th June) :) I vlogged it for my Youtube Channel so be sure to click the video and watch it! :)

26th June 2016

We went on our first holiday together with my Dad’s side of the family. Adam met my Grandad and Step-nan and my cousin too. It was such a lovely holiday in France. We went on a canoe trek which took us 3 hours. To be honest, I didn’t do much paddling, Adam had to do it because my back hurt.

6th August 2016

Adam came to Hastings again. We walked along the beach and tried to take a photo with fireworks in the background. But it didn’t really go as well as we wanted it to as we kept missing the fireworks in the image.

We moved in together! I vlogged this too so you can click the video and watch it! :) This was in the beginning of September, ready to start our next year at Uni.

25th September 2016

Adams 22nd Birthday was on the 27th August. I got him a few bits and pieces but I hadn’t any money to get him something that was really nice so I waited until my loan came back in and we went out for a posh date to Brasserie Blanc in Farnham. The food there is lovely! I had a steak and Adam had duck which was succulent :)

8th November 2016

For my 21st birthday, we both got scrubbed up and I bought a new outfit to go out to one of our favourite restaurants (Cote). I had such a lovely day and was spoilt so much! I got so many lovely things :) There is a video that will be uploaded on 8th December 2016 about all the things I got for my birthday so check that out when its up if you want to see! :)

Then that brings me round to our latest video :) Our one year Anniversary video.

It’s been such a lovely year spent with my hunk Adam (watch video above to find out the embarrasing story behind ‘my hunk Adam”). I cannot wait to share more memories with him this following year.

Thank you very much for reading this blog :)

See you soon!
Rosie xxx