Wow. It’s been a long time…sorry!

I actually can’t believe how long it’s been since the last time I blogged on here *nervous laugh*

So, I’m in my second year at university. 2 years still left…woooo….

I’m only joking with the ‘woooo’ , it’s not that bad. Since January (2016) I’ve been frantically looking for a house to live in as at my University, you can only stay in Student Halls in your first year…even though I’m technically in my first year as I did a Foundation Year last year I still had to leave. I didn’t mind though, mainly because Halls weren’t the best place for me to be. I take sleep VERY seriously and in Halls, I was lucky to get 5 hours a night.

Looking for houses was incredibly stressful. Myself, my boyfriend Adam and Flo have managed to all live together this year along with 3 other girls. We first viewed our soon-to-be house in April, however at this point we didn’t know we were going to actually be accpeted to live in there. The house seemed flawless. It used to be a pub and so to rebuild it, it had to be refurbished. NEW STUFF! Well, it looked new at the time, when our eyes were glossed over with the thought of actually being able to get a house before we broke off for Summer holidays as that was getting close.

We got accepted and we were very happy.

I moved away from Hastings to live with Adam at his home near London on the 25th August, in time to celebrate his birthday with him on the 27th. We moved in together in a village near Farnham on the 4th September. We were the first ones there. We had 3 days until our next housemate arrived.

The kitchen fridge wasn’t cold. Both showers leaked. There wasn’t a kitchen bin ( I mean, this may sound petty but it was a frustration at the time. Black binbags strewn across the floor every week isn’t the nicest thing to look at…or the nicest thing to smell.) The grill would get up to heat and then it would trip all the electrical appliances in the Kitchen. We didn’t have a toaster for the first few weeks until Adams Dad kindly bought us one. The main annoyance for us was the fact that we didn’t have a strong connection to wifi. With just two of us (soon to be six) there, neither of us could get more than a 0.01 upload and download speed. If you don’t know how bad that is, most households have 50mbps, and that can sometimes be slow. So 0.01 is well…shit.

Our landlord said he would sort it

It’s been nearly two months. Still no wifi.

Adam and I have resulted in sitting in the bar next door to sponge off their wifi. We are currently sitting in there as I type out this blog. We do our work in here. It’s not the best place to do work as we can’t be in our Pj’s and we can’t spread our books and laptops out as we work as we are in a public place. It being a bar, pushes us to purchase drinks with money we don’t have. There is a lovley lady who works next door, which makes having to waddle next door every evening more appealing.

This year it seems that work is being lobbed by our lecturers left, right and centre. I feel incredibly swamped with everything. I do 8 hours of work on every day off I have. At weekends I do about 6 hours made up of both days. I still feel behind.

Photoshop, well…where to start. I hate it. There’s so many buttons, so many options, so many possibilities…my mind can’t cope! I’m trying to spend more hours getting used to photoshop but where are my spare hours? I swear the days aren’t long enough!

As soon as I get wifi access, so I can be in bed, all cosy in my penguin onesie, I promise I will upload more blogs. I won’t leave it this long again! *nervously laughs again*

I hope you all have a fantastic week! Thank God that half term is in the near future!

Lots of love,

Rosie :) xxx

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