Getting Started

I’m trying a new thing. It’s not super-new, and it’s not even really new to me, but I’m getting started at it again, and that means something.

The ideas of risk, courage, and vulnerability have been big in my thoughts and feelings over the last few months. I happened recently upon the work of Dr. Brene Brown, who has spend her career studying human connection, shame, vulnerability, risk, and courage. So I’m taking a risk, doing something that I already know I will fail at. I’ll fail, and I’ll learn, and then I’ll fail again, which will teach me more.

What am I doing? I’m learning Ruby. Why? Because it’s a thing that exists. Ruby is cool. And I’m a nerd.

I know I need to do something with Ruby every day. It might be writing code, or it might be researching something in blogs, or it might be going to a Meetup. And each day, I’ll write a little something here to talk about what I did, what I learned. I will probably go far afield, a long distance from the topic, but those adventures are part of what make us whole, unique, and wonderful.

I’m so glad I’m on this journey!

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