Why is it so hard to sustain a stable relationship?

There is so many reasons why relationships don’t work,but here are some tips to keep things alive.

Communication: I say it over and over.Unless you’re inconsolable,then DO NOT shut down on your partner.The more you close them out of your thoughts and hopes and dreams..the harder it is for them to want to be let back in.You can only push so hard before the other person throws in the towel.so that is a major deal breaker in the world of monogomy.

Reassurance: remember to keep your partner comfortable with your trust and relationship,the only thing that will do it is to reassure them that they are the most important person to them.

Make them a priority: if you don’t tell them and show them that they’re a priority,they will run out the door faster than you can blink.Family is important,friendships are important,but the person you are potentially going to spend the rest of your life with feels they are placed on the backburner,show them that they aren’t.Include them,or put aside special time with them.

Don’t stop being sentimental: girls LOVE when guys write them cute notes,or pack their lunch for work,remind them to take their meds..after all,it is the little things that count.Showing effort is huge.Because if things seem complacent,any female will show you the door.Because if they know their worth,then they know what they deserve,and they won’t accept anything less if they’re putting in 110%.

Become more selfless instead of more selfish: if you become more selfish,it shows what direction the relationship is going.Sacrifices need to happen in order for the relationship to become more of a little family unit.You both should come first.Together.If your significant other is sick or needing you,if you aren’t busy,then you have no excuse not to be there. “Well I already made plans with my friends” WELL your friends won’t strangle you if you wanna be there for the person who needs you.its that simple.

Pay attention to their wants and needs,that’s the way to a woman’s heart if you show effort and emotion toward her.if there is a lack of emotion,that person is in another world and cant dedicate their full self to you.and that’s not fair.

After being in a relationship for a while,things can get messy,but both of you are in full control of where you’re both headed in life.

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