Why is Valium being prescribed less by psychiatrists?

Let me start off by saying I’ve been up since 5am because anxiety woke me up out of a dead sleep,so if this post doesn’t really make sense..then whatever.

Okay I get it,Valium is a risky drug to take.You never know if it will end up in the wrong hands.

But what if you’re already on it,and you need it,then what’s the issue?

People who have been taking benzos for years know how bad withdrawal can be.But most are prepared for it and,willing to risk it,just to feel better for a while.

Personally though,today I seen my new psychiatrist, and I expressed to her that the Valium and the Catapres seem to take the edge off,but I’m still unstable in many ways.

To me personally,Valium has been miracle drug because this is the first time in my life that I havnt had an adverse effect from a medication.


I have a medication allergy list that is so long,every nurse I see when im in the hospital say they’ve never seen anything like it.

I’ve been on many antipsychotic drugs,benzos,anti anxiety/depression meds,and this is the first time a medication seems like it can make an improvement with my anxiety.

But based off of my symptoms alone,and all of my back history and having a parent who is severely paranoid schizophrenic,and to be honest,ive been having auditory dellusions and thinking I “see” things,even people, out of the corner of my eye when I’m really tired or stressed..now my psych is throwing Saphris into the mix (an antipsychotic drug) to help me sleep and help with the “schizo-like” problems I have.

Why couldn’t she have just upped the dose of my valium when I have no drug abuse history? And they know all my drug allergy interactions I’ve had..And this is the only one I don’t have side effects from.

I need to be “neutral”,I’m entirely sick and tired of going from mania,to depression,or having mood cycling.

I feel almost like she was overly cautious.that is just my opinion.

I dont exactly know how many cases there have been of overdoses while on valium but I’ve seen some things on the internet basically saying there has been more overdoses on Valium than on heroin..

That is concerning,but is that even true?

Supposedly according to my old shrink, and my new one,they are really cracking down on who gets prescribed Valium,and it’s really sad that most of us who need it and won’t mentally depend on it,have to be punished because most people don’t know how to control themelves.

Like I’ve stated in previous blogs,sometimes people are predisposed to substance abuse issues because of a close relative or parent and such,just like I have been.

Don’t let that fool you though,because there are still a lot of us out there who don’t have addictive personalities.

That’s all I have to say for now.

Until next time…


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