Transpennine Trail — Day 1

Southport to Warrington

I started riding just after 11am. I didn’t want the morning to be a rush so we set of from home about 9:30 in bright glorious sunshine. Could you ever want a better omen?

By the time we got to Southport the weather had clouded over but was still a lovely 19c so almost ideal weather for cycling. With the bike loaded up I took the obligatory picture at the start of the trail and set off for today’s 45 miles.

I think that the first 5 miles were actually the hardest of the day. With a strong headwind coming off the coast it was hard going. Once I headed inland though the going became good. The Transpennine Trail is a combination of tracks and quiet roads all the way from Southport in the Northwest to Hornsea on the East coast.

The most difficult part of the route today was going through Liverpool where you had to follow the directions carefully. More than once I took a wrong turn but quickly realised before I’d gone too far. It did amaze me being on quiet tracks right through the centre of Liverpool — some excellent route planning there!

Out of Liverpool the route joined the bank of the River Mersey which it then followed all the way into Warrington. There was a small diversion around the new Mersey Link bridge which did put me on some major roads but it was signposted well.

Arriving at Stockton Heath where I was stopping for the night at my mother-in-laws I realised I’d forgotten the keys for my bike lock. Lucky my wife is meeting me at her mum’s tonight!



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