The MAGA Movement Begins

This is an exciting time in American History. Donald Trump has brought together center right individuals who join him in the desire to make America great again by beating progressivism. Social media has provided many platforms for the voices of the MAGA Movement. My contribution to the cause is to provide a capsule of recent activities and upcoming events.

Recently Ali Akbar (Ali Alexander), political and business consultant, posted a synopsis of our movement. He has identified the ideals that are driving us, and the individuals who are leading us. Give Ali’s article a read if you need to get up to speed. Also, Ali provides an interactive strategy session for our success on his daily periscopes at this link.


Mike Cernovich has written Gorilla Mindset which is available on many platforms. Mike was not much into politics when Trump announced he was running for President, however, since Cernovich was a major influence in helping Trump win the White House, Mike has shot to the head of our movement as a major leading voice. Cernovich’s journalism is non-stop. Follow Mike Cernovich on Twitter to experience news as it happens in real time. Be sure to toggle your Twitter alerts for Cernovich, as he is frequently shadow banned. “You know you’re over the target when you start getting lots of flack.”

Cassandra Fairbanks and Mike Cernovich Troll the Left

Cernovich is demonstrating to us that we must disrupt the groups whose only aim is to disrupt the MAGA Movement. On April 15th 2017, Mike went to an anti-Trump rally in Austin, Texas. He walked among the low-energy attendees to an open microphone where he announced, “Bill Clinton is a rapist!” The crowd’s energy did immediately change, and Mike was assaulted for his free speech. You can read more on the story here.

Last night, Mike was at a “MAGA Meetup” at the Trump Hotel in DC when his party was interrupted by an anti-Trump “Dance Mob”. Mike walked up to the front of the protest group while broadcasting himself on Periscope and stood next to the speaker who was holding a megaphone and started yelling, “Bill Clinton is a rapist!” This got the crowd to begin chanting “Auschwitz, Auschwitz” as their knee-jerk response is to censor any debate or discussion which challenges the survival of their narrative. But Cernovich succeeded in hijacking the narrative at that moment and actually created a “teachable moment” for the protesters who were denying the rape culture that exists among them.

Trump has planned a rally today, April 29th 2017, in Pennsylvania. The big crowds will be a reminder of the enthusiasm that put him in the White House. Protesters will be protesting him, and the MAGA Movement will expose their false premises in real time thanks to social media. I encourage you to visit and watch the raw stream of the rally.

RSBN (Right Side Broadcast Network) is 100% dedicated to the MAGA Movement and Drudge typically links to them during Trump events. As well, InfoWars has a popularity that is greater than any mainstream media outlet online. Since there just aren’t enough hours in the day to to fight the info war from a PC or laptop, the “Info Wars Live” app has both video and audio streams available for your mobile devices. Alex Jones has stated and demonstrated that we must promote each other in order to win the war for your mind. “The answer to 1984 is 1776”.


Ross Marley, who enjoys inline skating, is a writer and broadcaster from Cleveland, Ohio. He was born in the ’60s, raised on color television, and sent his first email in 1994 from the mainframe computer at the University of Akron. Today Ross spends his days as part owner of an industrial sales distributorship, and in his spare time he promotes social media platforms to a peer generation that must cut the cord to main stream media in order to get the unfiltered facts.

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