THE ECONOMY IS BROKEN! I Walked Around Downtown Chicago In A Suit And Wasn’t Offered A Job.

The US Economy is not doing well in 2017. I assumed that, as a straight, white, cis-male, I would be impervious to 2017’s slow economic start. I was startlingly wrong. I walked around Downtown Chicago in a suit, and was still unemployed by the end of my morning jaunt. The economy is irreparably broken.

I pounded the pavement early on Friday morning, with nothing more than a winning smile and a William Rast suit.

Pictured: A suit my parents bought. Not pictured: Winning smile.

I started at 33 N. Dearborn, but was not allowed past the security desk without an appointment…

Pictured: 33 N. Dearborn.

So, I decided to head across the street to CBS Studios…

Pictured: CBS Studios, Chicago.

….but was swiftly removed by security, who had no respect for my winning smile, or my William Rast suit.

Pictured: Security.

At building…

Pictured: The Kemper Building, Chicago.

…after building…

Pictured: The United Building, Chicago.

…after building…

Pictured: Dicks that won’t hire me, Chicago.

…none of their doors were open to me. I even pulled a trick out of Don Draper’s playbook and tried to pretend I worked at Leo Burnett until they paid me/made me creative director. You can guess how that ended…

I paid a guy to take this photo, as I was banned from the building.

What does it say about our economy, when a white kid in a suit can’t weasel, sneak, or outright con his way into a high-salaried position?

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