Amazing Westinghouse 7500e Portable Generator

Besides critical consequences of having a power loss, there are huge benefits associated of having portable generators. And when its Westinghouse 7500e portable generator they are the most reliable, efficient and safe for your business and family.
Now your business can have continued operations even in the blackout, your families can have great quality of time with peace of mind and security.

While you have Westinghouse 7500e generator at your side, any power loss will not get in your way. You will be tension free knowing that your lights will stay on, your fridge will keep running, and your house will stay warm. We aim to provide simple and reliable solutions for you.
To help protect your home, business and people in a natural or man-made disaster affecting electricity, we recommend the Westinghouse WH7500E Electric Start Portable Generator.

When this versatile and powerful 7,500-watt engine with 12.9 hp generator arrives at your home you won’t be affected by any power outage. The only thing required to turn it on is the quick installation and fully charged battery. All you need is to power it up with one-touch switch.

Features and Benefits of Westinghouse 7500e Generator:

. Takes 9000 watts to start and easily turn on through a operation control. 
. Powers your appliance for up to 12 hours when utilizing 50%, it also displays accumulated time. 
. Use Westinghouse VR system to regulate the power outage. 
. It has multiple power outlets, including four 120V standard outlet and one L14 twist outlet. 
. The fuel capacity is 6.6 gallons.
. Pulse flow muffler makes it quieter during running hours.
. It has lasting durability and little or no maintenance required.
. It has 3 years of warranty; 2 year commercial warranty and 1 year industry maintenance warranty.
In order to make sure if 7500e power is enough for your home and business, do check the specifications or contact to their customer support team.