Natural Gas Vs Diesel Powered Generators

Comparing and contrasting the two types of generators

There has been an age old debate, about which type of generator is better, and the two most contested are natural gas and diesel generators. Both of them have their distinct competitive advantages; let’s take a look at what each variant has to offer.

Natural Gas Generators

These are widely used and amongst the most efficient of generators and it can be used to power both emergency and portable generators as well. It is considered to be amongst the most affordable and efficient fuels and it can easily power a small house and a bunch of appliances. It works like most other generators with the only difference being the type of fuel being used to power the generator, which in this case is natural gas. There are certain advantages of using natural gas as a fuel; let’s take a look at them in detail.


There are 3 reasons why natural gas is considered a better alternative than other fuels, these are that they are cleaner, less expensive and considerable more efficient than nonrenewable sources. Natural gas is one of the cleanest fossil fuels; this is due to the fact that when it burns there is a considerably low emission of sulfur and nitrogen compared to oil and gas. Apart from being cleaner and cheaper it is also easily available in large cities as well, and it does not produce a pungent odor when it burns as well.


At times of natural calamities natural gas might not be readily available, and it has to be handled with care as it is extremely explosive as well. In addition it can also be expensive to run a natural gas generator when compared to a diesel powered one.

Diesel Generators

Diesel generators are amongst the most common backup generators that you will find. They are usually found on ships and construction sites, they can be used as a source of power for areas which are4 not powered by an electrical grid.


Diesel might be more expensive than gas but it does have a certain advantage. It has a higher energy density, meaning that it produces a higher amount of energy when compared with the same amount of gas. It is much more efficient in producing energy than that of its counterparts. A diesel engine also has a greater lifespan when compared with a gas engine.


The most common disadvantages are that a diesel generator is bulky and expensive, and produces a lot of noise as well. Diesel can also be classified as a major pollutant as well.

Well there you go those are the basic differences between the two. If you are in the market for a generator check out AP Electric, they have a bunch of options including a generac 16kw generator as well.